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The Fundamentals of improving and Increasing Female Fertility

The starting point or focus of treatment is always to produce and ensure a regular and balanced menstrual cycle, including the correct timing of ovulation (see also Gynaecological Disorders). Your treatment will then progress with attention paid to factors according to different phases of the cycle, both to prepare for, and to produce a viable pregnancy.

Briefly-speaking, at the menstrual phase (during the period the first 1-3 days of the cycle), it is necessary to encourage a good discharge the uterus lining allowing for new growth of a healthy and smooth endometrium into which an embryo must attach and bury. Just before ovulation, we build the Yin-fluids and promote healthy ovulation by fortifying the Qi and Blood and thus a smooth passage of the egg in the fallopian tube.

The luteal phase (post-ovulation) concentrates on maintaining a warm uterine environment, building on sufficient blood circulation and continually nourishing the embryo.

The above briefly explains the fundamentals in the approach to improving fertility with acupuncture and TCM, but each and every individual case is different and there may be a complex pattern of disease or dysfunction.

In acupuncture and TCM, there are often further underlying deficiencies or excesses that need additional attention and treatment, such disorders are not recognised by Western medical doctors. So though you may be coming for treatment to improve your fertility, the comprehensive acupuncture and TCM diagnostic procedures may identify and correct many other factors that may be affecting your difficulty to conceive.

To provide complete holistic healthcare, a thorough assessment of each case is given at the first consultation prior to treatment.

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