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Herbal Medicine for Fertility
Online Appointments UK Wide

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the key therapies which form part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Chinese Medicine has helped many couples to achieve pregnancy for thousands of years.  Hundreds of herbs have been identified and used extensively along with acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modification helping couples conceive naturally.

Chinese herbs have been shown to be twice as effective as infertility medications.  

Reviews suggests that management of female infertility with Chinese herbal medicine can improve pregnancy rates 2-fold within a 3–6 month period compared with Western medical fertility drug therapy (Ried. 2015).

In addition, fertility indicators such as ovulation rates, cervical mucus score, biphasic basal body temperature, and appropriate thickness of the endometrial lining were positively influenced by Chinese herbal medicine therapy, indicating an ameliorating physiological effect conducive for a viable pregnancy.

We offer Online Herbal consultations UK wide with our expert degree qualified herbalists, and your bespoke formula delivered straight to your door.  The benefit of online consultations is that you still receive the same level of expertise and quality of herbal supplies without having to travel to appointments.  With many Functional Medicine Tests being able to be undertaken from your home through saliva, finger prick and urine samples now, this allows the full spectrum of tests to be undertaken to support your diagnosis.

Our lead Practitioner, Sharon Martin, heads up the Practitioner Support Network and Gynaecology for SuWen Herbs in the UK and Europe.  She has been degree qualified in Medicine since 1996, holding both degrees with Honours and Post Graduate training in Chinese Herbal Medicine.  She lectures worldwide in Gynaecology and provides mentorship through SuWen Herbs and privately to Acupuncturists on complex fertility cases.

Sharon leads in the field with Functional Medicine Tests, infertility and Chinese Herbal Medicine.  With her integration of these elements, we are able to ascertain where in your cycle we need to treat and what factors are influencing your infertility.  Unlike when working only from blood tests results that are just  a 'snap shot' at one point in time and may be 'in range', with the DUTCH test we look deeper into the working of the hormones in your body and how this is affecting your fertility.  No one client is the same, and nor is your herbal formula.  To understand what is happening within your body, we need to be working with it.  If you do not currently have a menstrual cycle, that is no issue, as we will work in restoring your menstrual cycle to then undertake the tests.

During your online consultation we look at imbalances in your body that may be due to a wide variety of factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet or improper eating habits, lack of exercise, stress, environmental factors, emotional or psychological issues.  If you have had acupuncture before you will be aware that we do diagnose off the tongue, and this is still key in online consultations.

For pediatric & children's herbal medicine, please click here

Wide range of Infertility Conditions

We offer herbal treatment for infertility which covers a variety of conditions such as:

unexplained infertility,

low AMH,

poor egg quality,




blocked fallopian tubes,

recurrent miscarriage,

thin endometrial lining,

IVF preparation,

male factor infertility such as poor sperm quality, morphology and motility.


Natural, Safer and Effective

At the Natural Fertility Clinic we only recommend and use natural herbal products, that abide to the highest UK standards.  Chinese herbs are very safe when prescribed correctly and by a properly trained Practitioner.  We place great emphasis on the safety of our treatments and products

Herbal Medicine Services

We have different appointments to book your Herbal Medicine Consult.

Online Herbal Consult

Available UK wide via video consultation.  You will be prescribed a bespoke herbal prescription and your Herbs will be sent directly through to you via post

In Clinic

We have a dedicated 1:1 consultation where we will review where you are on your fertility journey, and prescribed a bespoke herbal prescription

Daily Supplements

As an ambassador for SuWen herbs we are able to supply these supplements directly to you either in clinic or via post

Herbal Medicine








Herbal Medicine rejuvenates the body, and corrects imbalances of the hormonal system to enhance fertility.  It promotes the key function of quality eggs and uterus lining.

Daily Herbal Supplements








We are an ambassador for SuWen Herbs who have formulated herbal supplements which can be incorporated in you daily routine for infertility conditions.

Herbal Tea for infertility








We create bespoke herbal teas for infertility to balance hormones giving you the highest chance of natural conception

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