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Preparing for IVF and IUI

Ideally, acupuncture and TCM treatment should be started at least 3 months prior to the start treatment.

For the female, by regulating the body system functions and energies, acupuncture will help improve the function of the ovaries to produce higher quality eggs, it also aids ovarian response to the follicle-stimulating drug treatment, doubling the quantity of eggs produced than with drug treatment alone. Higher quality eggs thus means healthier embryos and furthermore a greater chance of a viable pregnancy. We also regulate the hormones to encourage a thicker uterus lining (for more successful attachment and embryo implantation).

Heavy side-effects of the drug treatment including nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, irritability, emotional sensitivity plus the increased stress can be successfully alleviated with acupuncture and TCM. Patients who have had treatment in good preparation time will find these effects will be much less severe and more manageable.

For the male, preparation is just as important to improve sperm quality and quantity. This also produces a healthier embryo, and like the treatment given to the female, will help to reduce the chance of miscarriage once conception has successfully occurred.

In preparation for any ART treatment, we heavily consider nutrition and dietetics and lifestyle changes, if necessary.

TCM views diet and lifestyle as highly important aspects of health and a significant part of treatment process.

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