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Acupuncture and TCM During the IVF or IUI Treatment Cycle

Down-regulating Phase (also applicable to some IUI cases) During the period of hormone regulation and control of ovulation, acupuncture and TCM benefits the ovaries not by stimulation, but by nourishing the root system of their growth and development for when they are ready to become active once more. Treatment relaxes the mind and spirit, and aids to calm the Liver to better manage any side-effects.

Follicle and Ovary Stimulation (also applicable to some IUI cases) During follicle stimulation, the female can experience unpleasant side-effects that can be treated. Acupuncture and TCM will also help the ovaries respond to the drug treatment, working as an assisted action to the follicle-stimulation.

Pre- and Post-Embryo Transfer Calming the mind, spirit and uterus is the essence at the stage prior to embryo transfer. Once it has been transferred, focus of treatment turns to Qi and Blood nourishment of the uterus; further uterus-relaxation treatment avoids any mild uterine contractions that may cause bleeding and early miscarriage.

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