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How to increase your AMH?

Increase your AMH with Chinese Herbal Medicine… Could this be true?


Many woman have their AMH tested and if low they think the only route is IVF.

And in sneaks the hidden world of Chinese herbal Medicine! 🌿

A recent case reported showed a 43-Year-Old Woman with Diminished Ovarian Reserve and Multiple Uterus Fibrosis presenting with increased AMH following on from treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine (Teng et al, 2017)

Following numerous failed IVF attempts, the results of this case demonstrate that CHM is capable of targeting multiple reproductive abnormalities involved in infertility. More specifically, herbal medicine can improve ovarian function and prevent inevitable miscarriage.

The successful treatment with CHM for this case highlights the potential of a natural approach for low AMH, with CHM therapy offering a hope for aged women who have failed IVF cycles and decide to pursue parenthood with their own oocytes.

So why does everyone think IVF is the only option?

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