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Male infertility - Semen and Sperm Testing

Whilst it is useful for an acupuncture practitioner to be aware of any laboratory semen test results, you do not need to have semen tests prior to coming for treatment, as we will be able to identify any male health deficiencies during our initial consultation and diagnostic procedures.

The key for male fertility is to focus on the health of the semen both functional and physiological. Acupuncture and TCM can successfully and significantly treat male reproductive disease, sperm abnormalities and treat specific cases that have deemed him “infertile”, including:

  • Testicular: infection, varicose veins, ejaculatory duct blockage and varicocele

  • Sperm motility

  • Sperm morphology

  • Sperm count

  • Sperm volume

Typically, for any specifically identified cases of low sperm count, poor motility, poor morphology or low volume, acupuncture in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine is very effective in increasing sperm health across the board.

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