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Acupuncture & TCM For Male Fertility and Infertility

It may surprise you to know that male fertility problems are responsible for the same amount of cases of difficult conception as females: 40% by each gender (20% are cases where the male and female both contribute some cause of difficult conception).

A number of factors exist that can cause male sub-fertility. This is not to say infertility, but certainly to significantly lower chance of the sperm fertilising the egg, either due to poor sperm volume, count, motility or morphology, or a combination of these.

Poor dietary and lifestyle habits and an increase in environmental pollutants have caused male sperm health in recent generations to be far less than of those previous: just in the sperm count alone there has been a 45% decrease in males in 1990 since 1940. If you work with chemicals, have a history of long-term pharmaceutical drug use, and/or smoke, these are also inhibitors to producing healthy sperm, affecting not just the count but the quality of the individual sperm themselves.

It is not sufficient to have a good sperm count (ideally over 20million/ml) to assume good male fertility. Poor health of the individual sperm is another contributing factor to infertility and accounts for several cases of miscarriage; acupuncture and TCM can nourish and tonify the key root systems to produce healthy sperm thereby reducing the risk of this type of miscarriage due to early developmental problems.

In acupuncture and TCM, there are a number of diseases that can affect sperm health and these are identified by the health of the Kidney energy system, and/or stagnation of Qi, Blood and Damp-Heat invasion which may also be interrelated to other organ systems.

The root cause is identified in your initial consultation and diagnosis: a thorough procedure involving enquiring about a variety of health factors and pulse and tongue inspection.

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