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The Natural Fertility Clinic is an Award winning fertility clinic with online appointments available UK wide. 

Have you received a diagnosis of unexplained infertility? Or have you endured recurrent losses only to be advised to keep trying? Maybe your IVF attempts haven't been successful, and you feel like you're being told to just keep going despite the challenges.

Do you sense that your concerns aren't being fully heard and that there might be more avenues to explore in understanding your struggle to achieve a healthy pregnancy?

We provide healthcare and support to people who wish to become parents. The primary method of care is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine’s use of acupuncture and herbal medicine, supported by Western medical diagnostic techniques and nutrition advice.  We are certified to carry out Functional Medicine, DUTCH and hormonal testing in clinic and UK wide.  

We support fertility and pregnancy related health matters with Herbal Medicine and acupuncture.  We also offer a range of other health modalities to support those trying to conceive and have healthy pregnancies and families.

Our online fertility consultations and coaching packages allow clients UK wide to access our services, with our experts prescribing bespoke formulas that are delivered to your door.  Our laboratory tests are available throughout the UK, and are a key tool to understanding your fertility.

Fertility  Initial Consultation & 1st appointment

Fertility consultation in our Dumfries clinic.  A full assessment will be undertaken and your first acupuncture appointment. 

If herbs are required, your bespoke formula will be written.  The cost of herbs or supplements are in addition.

1:1 Online Fertility & Miscarriage Assessment

Have you been told you have unexplained Infertility? Or perhaps you have suffered recurrent losses and just been told to ‘try again’? Or your IVF is not working and everyone is telling you to just carry on?

Our Online 1:1 Fertility and Loss Assessments are designed to help you navigate the tough stuff.

1:1 Fertility Clinic - Online Herbal Consultation

Available UK wide with our Clinical Director - Sharon Martin.

A full assessment will be undertaken online and your herbs will be dispensed directly  to you - anywhere in the UK.

free chat

We offer a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation to all new clients


At Dumfries Natural Fertility Clinic, we pride ourselves on treating all of our patients with care and respect from the first moment they set foot through our doors. Our knowledgeable practitioners specialise in fertility health fields ranging from obstetrics to menopause through to sperm quality. It is this unparalleled expertise that enables us to provide quality services to everyone of all ages.

Pregnancy Test
Home: About Us
Pregnant woman holds green sprout plant near her belly as symbol of new life, wellbeing, f

Our Approach

Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment to prepare for, and to assist in conception is important to promote successful implantation and reduce the chance of miscarriage (both male and female treatment) by promoting the growth and development of healthy eggs and sperm, thereby leading to a healthy embryo. 

We lead in the field of infertility, Functional Medicine Tests and Chinese Herbal Medicine.   No one client is the same, and nor is our approach.  To understand what is happening within your body, we need to be working with it.  

Home: Testimonials

'I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and the Doctors could not explain what was causing it.  I had a consultation with Sharon where she undertook a DUTCH test and started me on herbs and tracking my BBT.  After 3.5 months I fell pregnant for the first time and have a beautiful baby boy.  We will be seeing her before we try to conceive again.'


'I saw Sharon as I had stage 3 endometriosis with PCOS and was unable to conceive.  We had been turned away from NHS IVF due to my BMI.  After acupuncture and herbal treatment for 4 months and regulating my cycle I fell pregnant naturally.  She provides care that is lacking in fertility and is truly a miracle worker.'



'I came to see Sharon as I did not have a menstrual bleed since I was 14 from being on the contraceptive pill.  We were trying to fall pregnant and my GP had given me a concoction of hormones but nothing was working.  Sharon miraculously got my period back and we now regulating my cycle and hormones and monitoring this through DUTCH tests.  She gave us hope when no hope was left.'


'We saw Sharon as we had 7 unsuccessful IVF rounds after numerous natural miscarriages.  Her approach is detailed and reassuring.  We had depleted our savings through IVF and were considering re-mortgaging our home for the next round.  She asked us to work with her for at least 3 months having acupuncture in her wonderful clinic and some 'tasty' herbs.  We now on the count down to our due date, and she still cant get rid of us - we will be forever grateful for her approach and expertise'


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